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2024 wedding trends you need to know about

The world of weddings has changed a lot in the past few years, and here at Old Palace Chester, we love seeing our couples break away from traditions and tailor their wedding day so it is completely unique to them. From penguins walking down the aisle to magicians delighting your guests, we have seen it all here at The Palace.

It can be difficult to know where to start when planning your wedding. One brilliant way of kicking your preparations off can be by looking at trends for the year ahead, which can help inspire and guide you. That’s why we’ve put together our top picks for 2024 wedding trends, from fashion to food, we hope this article inspires you!


Coloured wedding dresses

Wedding trends are now leaning towards more personalised styles for wedding dresses. Whilst white and off-white remain the most popular colours, reds, greens, pinks and many other colours are starting to increase in popularity.

The search volume for ‘pearl wedding dresses’ has increased over the past year. The pearlescent colour can be anywhere on a bride’s outfit from embellishments to veils, shoes and jewellery. Pearls are seen as elegant and timeless pieces that elevate any outfit.


Short veils

At Bridal Fashion Week, we saw an update to a traditional classic. Rather than long, trailing cathedral trains, brides are now opting for mini veils, including glittering tulle veils that work perfectly for your evening party of headband-veil combinations that are a bit more dynamic and interesting.


Mismatched bridal parties

We’re beginning to see a shift in couples moving away from the traditional uniformity of matching bridesmaids’ outfits. With bridesmaids that have different body types and skin tones, mismatched dresses allow you to find a dress that suits everyone, helping them to feel confident and comfortable whilst still fitting in with your theme.


In every industry, there is an increasing push towards more sustainable practices, and the wedding industry is no exception. Couples are thinking about the environmental impact of their wedding day and trying to reduce it as much as possible. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate sustainability into your day.


Wedding favours

Wedding favours can sometimes be seen as a big contribution to waste. They’re often something small and gimmicky, rather than something guests will actually use. In 2024, we think couples are going to be opting for usable or consumable wedding favours.

Here at Old Palace Chester, we can supply you with delicious cocktail favours that are sure to go down a treat with your guests.

From Pornstar Martini to Negroni, Old Fashioned to Espresso Martini and a selection of delicious mocktails – these beautiful bottles can be enjoyed on the day or be taken home, offering your guests a wonderful keepsake of their time with you. Speak to our events team for more information.


Wedding flowers

Couples are beginning to question where their wedding flowers come from and their carbon footprint. Couples tend to prioritise sourcing flowers that are in season at the time. Florists are now looking into new ways to cut down waste, moving away from floral foam and working with locally grown flowers.

Dried and preserved bouquets are seeing a sharp rise in popularity, particularly for winter weddings. This means that brides can keep their flowers for longer and even use them again in their own homes after the wedding day.



In 2024, we’re predicting that we’ll see a rise in more sustainable stationery options. We’re seeing couples cut down on how much paper they’re using, with some opting to go paperless entirely, replacing them with apps.

With couples who would prefer to keep their weddings technology-free, we’re seeing an increase in using recycled paper or seed paper which can be planted after the wedding.

Keep your nearest and dearest close

Local weddings

Destination weddings were really popular back in 2019, but throughout the lockdown years, there were a lot of cancellations. This massively impacted travelling for weddings, and whilst life has now returned to normal, we’re noticing that couples are preferring to stay closer to home for 2024 and beyond.

Another reason couples are opting for local weddings is because of the focus on sustainability. Destination weddings are worse for the environment and are expensive for both the couple and their guests. Now that pandemic restrictions have relaxed across the UK, couples are really enjoying having all of their friends and family together in one place.


Guests stay overnight

In 2024, we’re predicting that wedding couples will want to continue their celebrations with their closest friends and family by inviting them to stay over at their wedding venue. That way, they can reminisce about the day’s events over breakfast together the next morning.

The good news is, here at Old Palace Chester, we have 23 ensuite bedrooms available for your guests to enjoy so there’s no need for you to say goodbye if you don’t want to. And whilst they enjoy a comfortable night sleep, you’ll be staying in the most enchanting and luxurious honeymoon suite, The Palace Suite.

Find out more about our accommodation here.

Unique entertainment

As couples move away from the traditional, we’re starting to see them focus on finding unique and interactive entertainment for their guests. We’ve seen couples hire retro game machines, palm readers, fire performances, artists and so much more.


Food and drink

Delicious food is more important than ever

Here at Old Palace Chester, we’re also passionate about food! We know that the food at your wedding is one of the most important aspects of your whole day. Your friends and family will gather together around a table, chatting and sharing stories, and you want to create an unforgettable experience for them. Our dedicated team of chefs will work together with you to create a menu with the best seasonal ingredients that perfectly complement your tastes and desires.


Sharing menus

We have seen a huge increase in couples looking for sharing menus in a range of styles. Sharing menus are not as formal as a full-service meal and they mean that guests can try a variety of foods whilst chatting together.

Sharing platters work particularly well with starters or evening foods. You might opt for cheeses, breads, or charcuterie platters. The choice is yours, and here at Old Palace Chester our menus are fully flexible and we can work with you to create a meal that fully fits your vision for the day.


Cocktail hour

As couples add more creative spins to their wedding days, cocktail hours have risen in popularity. Some couples opt for a cocktail of choice each, with elements of their personality sprinkled in. You can serve the cocktails before the wedding breakfast whilst you escape off for some photographs, or you could serve them at the start of the evening reception as your evening guests arrive.

If you did want to serve cocktails, we’ve got lots of options for you. Our bar staff will work with you to create the cocktail menu of your dreams that will help get your guests in the mood for dancing. We can also set up a gin or rum station if you’d prefer, the choice is entirely up to you.


Keep it candid

Rather than posed group shots, we’re seeing couples move towards more documentary-style photography. Couples are asking their photographers to focus on candid, more natural shots to capture realistic, emotional memories throughout the day. If you’re keen for this style of photography, make sure you ask to see photographers’ portfolios and check it’s in-keeping with your style. We’ve got a list of recommended suppliers for you to have a look through here.


Drone wedding videography

Aerial shots and drone footage have become a popular trend in wedding videography. These shots offer a bird’s-eye view of your celebrations and capture the full scope of your venue. Offering a unique perspective, drone footage can add a touch of cinematic magic to your wedding video.


Wedding content creators

Imagine having your wedding day fully documented in real-time for your friends and family who couldn’t be there to enjoy along with you! We predict that couples will begin to hire wedding content creators to capture their magic alongside their photography and videography team.

Shaking off gender rules

Gender-less wedding parties

A trend we have been enjoying over the last few years is gender-less wedding parties. We think this trend will only continue throughout 2024. Traditionally, in straight bride and groom couples, the bride would have bridesmaids, and the groom would have groomsmen. With the rise of same-sex weddings, we’re seeing people realising that they don’t need to stick to these rigid rules, whether they’re same-sex couples or mixed.

Couples want their closest friends and family to be part of their wedding party, no matter their gender. Searches for ‘male bridesmaid’ has increased by 23% and there’s been an increase in the usage of terms such as ‘man of honour’, ‘bridesmate’, ‘wedding squad’ and ‘I do crew’.

We’re here to help

If you’ve booked your wedding with us in 2024 and you want to incorporate some of these trends into your day, we’re here to help! Have a chat with your dedicated wedding coordinator about the different options you have to make your day perfectly bespoke to you.

If you’re still hoping to secure your 2024 date, don’t worry, there’s still time! Check our availability calendar to see what dates we have left.

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