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Save on 2024 & 2025 weddings! – Find out more

Save on 2024 & 2025 weddings! – Find out more

How to Incorporate Chester’s Unique Culture and History into Weddings at Old Palace Chester

As Chester is officially named the most beautiful city in the world, its appeal as a wedding destination for couples travelling nationwide and from overseas has only grown.
Whether you have secured your wedding date at Old Palace Chester or are considering booking a visit to one of the earliest Georgian buildings in the city, we would like to share our unique insight into the history of this charming Roman settlement and to explore ways in which one might incorporate a little of the city in designs for their wedding day.


A brief history of Chester

The historic city of Chester dates back to the 1st century A.D., and to this day, the city maintains its title as one of the most significant Roman settlements in Britain. Roman soldiers named it Fortress Diva after the River Dee, and in fact, much of Chester’s impressive city walls still show signs of the original Roman structure today.

The two-mile walk around the city’s walls offers a superb elevated view of the city on one side and the distant Welsh mountains on the other.

Aside from the uniquely impressive city walls, noted points of interest in the city include:
Chester Cathedral
An ancient abbey, archaeological treasure, centre of musical excellence and unique blend of mediaeval and modern history.
Chester Rows
The instantly recognisable black and white half-timbered galleries which are entirely unique to Chester.
Eastgate Clock
a turret clock added to the gateway in 1899 to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.
Chester’s rich history unsurprisingly piques the interest of couples from far and wide, and appeals to those seeking to add their own little piece of history to a city that is both beautifully preserved and characterful.

Ways to incorporate the essence of Chester in your wedding


Let the golden ratio inspire you

In a study* analysing which cities have the highest percentage of buildings that align with the ‘golden ratio’, Chester took the top spot with 83.7% of buildings in the city matching the ratio, ahead of Venice, London, Belfast and Rome.

The golden ratio (1:1.618) describes a set of proportions that are often found in the natural world and appear the most beautiful to the human eye. Examples of this ratio can be found in flowers, art, music, shells and architecture.

Couples may wish to consider this theme of visual perfection and balance in designs for their wedding day. Through a modern interpretation of the golden ratio concept, couples could consider using contemporary design in the form of geometric elements; bringing together both square and round shapes to create interest and balance.

Embrace curves in your design

The Roman amphitheatre in Chester was once the largest in Britain and is of great archaeological importance, not to mention visually impressive.

In an original twist, couples might opt to carry a theme of amphitheatre-inspired curves throughout their wedding day design.

Circular seating in wedding ceremonies looks carefully considered and is incredibly effective. Smaller details might include curved wedding signage and stationery, or details as subtle as opting for coupe glasses as opposed to flutes.

Curves could also be tied in with the perfectly proportioned spirals found in nature as per the golden ratio, for a dual theme which embraces the architecture of Chester.

Choose colours that resonate

When deciding on a wedding colour scheme, couples looking to draw on their surroundings may choose to include black and white, an unmistakable reference to some of the best-preserved Tudor architecture in England.

For those seeking a scheme that is somewhat warmer and perhaps more subtly connected to the history of Chester, opting for sandstone reds in acknowledgement of the Roman walls is an effective option which lends itself particularly well to autumn weddings.

Town crier

To this day, a unique midday proclamation by a town crier takes place regularly at Chester’s historic centre, where Eastgate Street and Watergate Street meet Bridge Street. Couples truly keen to immerse themselves in the local culture of Chester might consider hiring a town crier to formally announce them to their guests in regal, traditional style.

Wedding photo opportunities in Chester

Thanks to its characterful architecture and private location enjoying views across The Groves and River Dee, Old Palace Chester offers plentiful opportunities for couples to have varied and incredibly beautiful wedding photographs taken at their wedding venue on their special day.

For couples wishing to step outside of the Palace walls, the city of Chester offers a number of exceptional photo opportunities. Our favourites include:

For couples wishing to step outside of the Palace walls, the city of Chester offers a number of exceptional photo opportunities. Our favourites include:
The city walls
which as mentioned, offer dual aspect views of both the city and the distant Welsh mountains.
Bridge Gate and the River Dee
from Bridge Gate, one can easily access the banks of the River Dee for beautiful riverside photographs, with the Victorian Bandstand Queens Park Bridge just a short walk away.
Grosvenor Park
regarded as one of the finest and most complete examples of Victorian parks in England.
The Rows
these mediaeval walkways are truly unique and provide the most stunning photo backdrop.

An introduction to Old Palace Chester

For couples who are yet to visit Old Palace Chester, this Georgian masterpiece was originally built as a residence for Samuel Peploe, Bishop of Chester, in 1751. The building is Grade II listed and contains nationally significant interiors, with plasterwork by Italian Stuccatori.

Meticulous restoration in recent years has brought Old Palace Chester back to its former glory. Combining the expertise of skilled artisans and designers who have breathed new life into this historic gem, the result is a seamless blend of old-world charm and contemporary sophistication, creating an enchanting space that captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

Every detail at Old Palace Chester is thoughtfully considered; from its timeless architecture, interiors and art choices to the bespoke menus and impeccable service guaranteed to every couple and their guests.

If you would like to arrange a visit to Old Palace Chester, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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